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does elzbieta want some crunchy bones...

gearing up for the move to san diego. trying to get everything taken care of and in place and making sure that i have enough money to finally pay off my credit card. it's times like these i wish i lived in buenos aires so my dollar would be worth four times what it is now... that would be super, but would that mean i would be in debt four times over as well??? i should be working but i am obviously not since i am writing this but i'm not just doing this i am a multi-tasker. i am reading updates on the washington post, sending out party invitations, looking at updates of yulia tymoshenko's website and emailing my grandparents in germany. either i am james garfield or i have eight hands...
last night went to mcguire's for dirty limericks and some drinks with the lassies before we all go seperate-ish ways. i actually didn't have a very good time, and was exhausted when i finally made it home... which is a shame beause gabe was looking fit. i fell asleep and had scenes from that movie intolerable cruelty in my dream. weird.
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