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when you say it's gonna happen now, what exactly do you mean?

Last night went to the Fish House with Philip and Jenn. I got all crazy and had a shrimp caesar salad... I mean if I want to have Marisa Miller style abs I will either need to a) work out compulsively and regulate my diet as if I were Stalin, or b) join the cast of Survivor cause those bitches always lose like 20 lbs. But seriously... I guess the annual exodus of college students back to their hometowns has occured because I saw too many people that I went to high school with last night. At least supper was enjoyable and entertaining thanks to the good company.

The following is a little bit of a rant
In seperate news it is hard to be healthy when you have friends. They always want you to go out and drink and eat, and that is fine but I mean if you are going to get a cheeseburger don't pick on me if I just want a salad or some grilled fish. Also why do we always have to be drinking, aren't there alternatives to drinking? I mean can't we like go rock climbing, kung fu movie watching, tennis playing, or dog walking? Why does alcohol have to be involved to spend time together... that is lame. OK also why is it that people always make you feel bad about not wanting to drink or wanting to eat well. There is always this whole you don't need to lose weight argument. Well I'm not specifically trying to lose weight, but you know what I'm not trying to gain any either dammit. And what is so wrong with wanting to look good? I mean I don't give you (specific person not to be named)shit when you cake on all that fucking makeup or when you let your boobs hang out, you are attempting to be attractive, and that's cool just don't try and make me feel bad for wanting to be attractive in my own way. Sometimes I feel like girls are totally subversive and sneaky and shit. Like they encourage you to have dessert, or one more beer to either make sure that the playing field is even or something. Specifically one friend I have, she is so competitive and it's like I definitely feel like she is trying to make sure she has the upper hand in the attractiveness dept. which is crazy because I am not competing with her for men any more. Whatever, anyways my point is if I want to drink water instead of bourbon and I want to have grilled vegetables instead of fried chicken and french fries don't give me shit.
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