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there are lots more secrets to be told (they just said that on telly)

There is an article on MSN about renovations to people's houses. But these aren't just any renovations. The article covers bowling alleys, rock climbing walls, indoor gun ranges, wine cellars, and basketball courts. I'm actually surprised at some of the pricing like I think I could a rock climbing wall or maybe even an indoor gun range, but drat cities usually don't allow firearm discharge within city limits. That is unfortunate... firearms deserve homes too? Gabe says if I can impress him by holding my breath under water he will get me something fun, maybe an P2000 or 1911? I told him to save his money so that we aren't starving in San Diego. ( okay that made me chuckle starving in San Diego you know like Sleepless in Seattle? ok I know I'm lame)

What else... hmmm I am really tired I think I will take a shower make some stir-fry, do some flutter kicks, and hmmm then I think I will read some more of Ghost Wars.

So yeah you bitches need to call me before I move out to San Diego. If you are around and about give me a ring this weekend.
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